How Can I Keep From Singing?

How Can I Keep From Singing? Today, our last day to visit Kawete, actually began with a trip to the Lutheran Theological College of Uganda. As we arrived, chapel was just ending but we were blessed with the sound of the seminarians singing for us. They sang two Lutheran Hymns and one song in a local language, Lusoga. It was just beautiful. The team joined Pastor Ken in his class and answered some questions from his students. When we finally arrived in Kawete, there was a lot of time to enjoy the children. We ended our time in Kawete with a teacher meeting!  These are the hardest working teachers we know! See you again in March 2020!!!!!! We love you so much!

Community Coming Together

Community Coming Together Our last full day in's hard to believe we will be saying goodbye tomorrow. Today, we distributed school supplies to all of the nearly 400 children at CCLS-U. It was another very busy day in the clinic. Unfortunately, the lighting in the rooms is a challenge for good picture quality.  Bible Studies for Men and Women of the village were offered (obviously, the person who takes the most photos was in the Women's Bible Study😁): The team had the opportunity to walk the new land purchased for the  Christ Community Lutheran SECONDARY SCHOOL!!!!!

Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words

Pictures Are Worth A Thousand Words (especially when the day was wonderfully long...) We are just now returning to the motel from a day filled with joy. Pastor Ken taught at the seminary, Julie visited a different village and had some important meetings with the church and the 3 medical professionals provided much needed care to the old and young in the medical clinic.  The rest of the team: visited every classroom with special notes/pictures from CCLS-St. Louis Students distributed cross-shaped rulers to remind the students that they are  "Loved Beyond Measure!" Girls' and Boys' Dormitories Bible Studies Days for Girls Distribution The day ended with a beautiful rainbow over the school compound! GOD IS GOOD ALL THE TIME! ALL THE TIME, GOD IS GOOD!